Goodness of Breakfast for Children

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and no matter what children eat for breakfast – the most important thing is that they have breakfast. However, some breakfast foods are more nutritious than others. By including protein (such as milk or yoghurt) and carbohydrates (such as cereal, bread, rice or noodles), this helps to maintain energy levels which aids in concentration levels and assists with learning at school.

Energy comes from glucose or sugar that our bodies store in the blood. This sugar ends up in the liver, which then releases it as energy in bursts throughout the day, in the form of glycogen. If you skip breakfast, your body will run out of glycogen by the middle of the morning and when this happens, your body is like a car that runs out of gas.

If children skip breakfast, they'll feel tired and lacking energy by mid morning. It will be harder for them to concentrate and they'll probably be irritable too.

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