KickStart Breakfast helps more children achieve their best by getting a kickstart to their day. Fueled by milk and grains, the students experience the power of a nutritious breakfast to provide both strength and energy for maximum learning at school.

KickStart Breakfast is the only school breakfast programme of its kind within New Zealand. We work together with local school communities to provide healthy breakfasts to children. Alongside support from the New Zealand Government, Sanitarium provides the Weet-BixFonterra provides the Anchor milk and it’s the school that is responsible for delivering the programme.

Breakfast clubs are about more than eating breakfast at school. The engaging environment encourages students to develop social skills, take on extra responsibility and grow academically through the wider benefits of breakfast.

If you're interested in signing up to the programme, please click here and fill in the details for your school. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • KickStart Breakfast Club of the Year 2018 Terrace End School, Palmerston North

    Terrace End School in Palmerston North possesses a special quality that sets its KickStart Breakfast club apart from the rest – flexibility... Read more

  • Our Unsung Heroes in 2018 Putaruru Primary School

    Lynne Richards and Kerry Farrant have been a part of Putaruru Primary School since it started 14 years ago. They’re always volunteering to help out when needed... Read more

  • Our Unsung Heroes in 2017 Kaikohe East School

    It’s 7:30am on Monday morning. Our 2017 KickStart Breakfast Unsung Heroes Ani Milner and Lois Maunell are just arriving at Kaikohe East School to set up for the morning’s breakfast. Lois has already walked a couple of kilometres from her house and Ani has organised her husband and grandchildren for their day. Although both Ani and Lois have their own families, they continue to show unwavering dedication and commitment to the breakfast club. The heaters are turned on, the breakfast is ready and kids are flooding through the doors to fill their bowls with Weet-bix and Anch... Read more

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