KickStart Breakfast helps more children achieve their best by getting a kickstart to their day. Fueled by milk and grains, the students experience the power of a nutritious breakfast to provide both strength and energy for maximum learning at school.

KickStart Breakfast is the only school breakfast programme of its kind within New Zealand. We work together with local school communities to provide healthy breakfasts to children. Alongside support from the New Zealand Government, Sanitarium provides the Weet-BixFonterra provides the Anchor milk and it’s the school that is responsible for delivering the programme.

Breakfast clubs are about more than eating breakfast at school. The engaging environment encourages students to develop social skills, take on extra responsibility and grow academically through the wider benefits of breakfast.

If you're interested in signing up to the programme, please click here and fill in the details for your school. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Our Student Champion in 2017 Reporoa College

    Every morning is a busy morning for Reporoa College’s Jasmaine Worthington. For the past year she’s arrived at school at 8am to turn the school canteen into a breakfast club. Organising the breakfast club five days a week and co-ordinating student helpers is not an easy task however, Jasmaine’s cool, calm and collected nature has ensured the continuous smooth running of the club. This demonstration of commitment and leadership is what has gained her the 2017 KickStart Breakfast Student Champion Award. Principal Steve Lewis says Jasmaine creates a relaxed atmosphere... Read more

  • Our Unsung Heroes in 2017 Kaikohe East School

    It’s 7:30am on Monday morning. Our 2017 KickStart Breakfast Unsung Heroes Ani Milner and Lois Maunell are just arriving at Kaikohe East School to set up for the morning’s breakfast. Lois has already walked a couple of kilometres from her house and Ani has organised her husband and grandchildren for their day. Although both Ani and Lois have their own families, they continue to show unwavering dedication and commitment to the breakfast club. The heaters are turned on, the breakfast is ready and kids are flooding through the doors to fill their bowls with Weet-bix and Anch... Read more

  • Breakfast Club of the Year 2017 Manurewa Intermediate

    Every morning the Manurewa Intermediate school’s Marae is turned into a breakfast house where up to 150 students and teachers come together to enjoy the nutritious breakfast of Weet-Bix and Anchor milk. The kids take full responsibility for their breakfast club, living and breathing the values that make the KickStart Breakfast programme what it is today. And this is why they have been named the 2017 Breakfast Club of the Year. The award recognises a breakfast club that excels in delivering a quality programme for their students, school and community. Principal Iain Taylor said the... Read more

  • Our Unsung Heros in 2016 Kura Takitimu

    The KickStart Breakfast Unsung Hero Award is recognition to those who unselfishly give up their time to support our students and schools, especially those who are too young to serve breakfast themselves. It is awarded to someone or, in this case, a group of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes, and seek little or no recognition in return. It’s the first time since the KickStart Breakfast Awards began two years ago that the Unsung Hero Award has been given to a group. This amazi... Read more

  • Breakfast Club of the Year 2016 Morrinsville Primary School

    The KickStart Breakfast Club Award recognises a breakfast club that excels in delivering a quality programme for their students, school and community. Morrinsville Primary School in the Waikato is this year's winner. In recognising the great work that Morrinsville Primary School’s commitment to the KickStart Breakfast programme by ensuring students are welcomed every day with a positive friendly atmosphere impressed our panel on so many levels. Since 2009 Morrinsville Primary School ha... Read more

  • Our Student Champion in 2016 Bryn Boyes 

    The KickStart Breakfast Student Champion Award acknowledges students who have shown an exceptional and outstanding commitment to their KickStart Breakfast club. It recognises our KickStart leaders of tomorrow and promotes aspiring youth leadership. This year, Bryn Boyes of Motueka High School in Nelson impressed our panel on so many levels. A Year 10 student who unselfishly gives up his time to support his peers through the KickStart Breakfast programme. A leader that shows a genuine desire to h... Read more

  • KickStart Breakfast at Henderson Primary School

    On Friday 4th April 2014, we went along to Henderson Primary School with a few special guests to help out with their KickStart Breakfast Club. Fonterra and Sanitarium started the KickStart Breakfast progamme in 2009 and today, we are celebrating the success of the recent Government support. This has helped us expand the programme and we now have over 730 schools that are serving up Anchor Milk and Sanitarium Weet-Bix to their kids. That's over 150 new schools since the Government j... Read more

  • Welcoming Government Support 

    MEDIA RELEASE Fonterra and Sanitarium today welcomed the Government’s support for their KickStart Breakfast programme. KickStart Breakfast, now in its fifth year, currently provides breakfasts of Anchor Milk and Weet-Bix twice a week to children in more than 570 decile one to four schools around New Zealand. This amounts to 48,000 breakfasts every week, with almost 5 million breakfasts served to date. With the Government’s support of up to $1.9 million per year, the programme will be... Read more

  • Delivery Details for Term 2 

    Thank you for taking the time to update your online school profile for the upcoming term. Over 85% successfully completed the process which is a fantastic effort. Please remember that it is important to update your profile every school term as it helps us to ensure we supply the right amount of product to the correct drop off point and our Franchisees can contact you if they need to. Please note that your Term 2 Sanitarium Weet-Bix order is scheduled to arrive by courier and Fonterra’s Anc... Read more

  • Health and Saftey Tips 

    Schools have told us that KickStart Breakfast clubs are a great opportunity for children to develop a range of social and behaviour skills, providing an environment that students can feel safe and relaxed to build friendships with their peers, both older and younger. Students learn how to serve, tidy up after themselves, wash dishes, learn social skills such as table manners, helping others, looking after themselves and become self sufficient in preparing their own food. To help keep children he... Read more

  • Healthy lunch ideas that your child will love 

    It is easy to forget that for primary-aged kids, food eaten at school may provide up to a third of their daily food consumption. In order to help parents provide healthy, tasty lunch options we thought we’d outline some hints and tips for you to include in your school newsletter to help parents pack a healthy lunchbox which will make a significant contribution to their child’s overall nutrient intake. A healthy lunch will give your little one enough fuel for a busy day at school and ... Read more

  • Healthy teeth with dairy 

    Amazingly, nearly half of New Zealand’s five year-olds have tooth decay and around six out of ten nine year-olds have at least one decayed, missing or filled tooth. This doesn’t need to happen to your kids if you follow a few simple rules. As well as taking time to brush twice daily, recent research has shown that adding dairy to your diet is a simple solution to common dental problems amongst Kiwi kids. As one of the core food groups, dairy foods are important for good nutrition dur... Read more

  • Growing great Kiwi Kids 

    Children’s primary school years are some of the most important when it comes to growth and development, both mentally and physically. Giving them the right nutritional tools can help grow strong, healthy, happy kids, and changing your diet for the better is a habit that benefits the whole family. It is well known that calcium plays some pivotal roles in maintaining good health – from keeping bones healthy and strong to helping prevent high blood pressure – and it even helps you... Read more

  • Breakfast for learning 

    It’s all too often rushed, eaten on the run or forgotten completely. But, as the most important meal of the day, breakfast is essential for growing Kiwi kids, and for so many reasons. Eating a nutritious breakfast can have positive effects on learning, overall health and wellbeing, and there are numerous studies out there showing that kids who eat breakfast do better in school. International research shows eating breakfast can improve cognitive (brain) function in essential areas such as m... Read more

  • Everyday Heroes - Rachael & Sean 

    After only five weeks running its KickStart Breakfast club, kids at Parakai School, just north of Auckland are reaping the benefits, Principal Sean Valvoi says. ‘We have noticed that those children who are having breakfast at school, and may have missed out on the opportunity at home, are much more settled and focused in class and have more energy to get them through the day,’ he says. Up to 25 children at a time eat a hearty bowl of Weet-Bix and Anchor milk at the twice weekly break... Read more

  • Everyday Heroes - Ranapia & Norah 

    We would like to say a big thank you to those of you who featured in our Women’s Weekly and New Idea Everyday Heroes articles. There are some great things going on in our KickStart Breakfast Clubs and it’s been great to share some of these stories with the rest of New Zealand. The below story features Everyday Heroes Ranapia and Norah from James Street School who involve Year six Breakfast club monitors to run their breakfast club. For more Everyday Heroes articles please visit www.k... Read more

  • Everyday Heroes - Sue & Leonard 

    When Sue and Leonard Kay agreed to be involved in the KickStart Breakfast club while it was still in its pilot phase, they never imagined it would get so big so fast. Initially the couple supplied just two schools with Fonterra-sponsored Anchor milk through their distribution business Fresh Milk Hawkes Bay. However it wasn’t long before news of the benefits of the breakfast programme spread throughout the region and now, three years on, Leonard proudly supplies nearly 30 schools from decil... Read more

  • KickStart Breakfast Facts (as of 18 Nov 2011) 

    In Term 4 - 2011, 511 schools officially run KickStart Breakfast clubs around the country with over 20,000 children involved. Together we have provided over 1 million breakfast bowls to children this year alone. Since the inception of the KickStart Breakfast programme (2009) we have:          - delivered over 928,000 litres of milk          - delivered over 156,000 Weet-Bix 1kg packs By the end of Term 4-2011 we will... Read more

  • Recognising our Everyday Heroes 

    If you are one of our wonderful Breakfast Club Co-ordinators you should have received your copy of the New Zealand Women’s weekly. This is just a small appreciation of all the hard work you do for the children of your cubs.  You are there every morning and the children think you are pretty special, and so do we. Over the years, we have been fortunate to meet some of these neat people and experience the breakfast clubs first hand.  We have been blown away, inspired and humbled. So... Read more

  • Everyday Heroes - Gordon & Debbie 

    Gordon Irving is so passionate about ensuring children at Lincoln Heights School get a healthy start to their day that he not only mans the KickStart Breakfast club, but every Thursday he leads a walking school bus that finishes right at the dining room door. “That way they’re not only getting a nutritious breakfast, but they get a bit of exercise as well,” he says. Working as both the school caretaker and as facilitator of the KickStart Breakfast club at the decile three schoo... Read more

  • Everyday Heroes - Alice & Betty 

    KickStart Breakfast Club volunteers Alice Donohue and Betty Cox start their days at North New Brighton School with pinnies on and arms ready for the hugs from the children who greet them. Twice-weekly, Alice arrives at the coastal Christchurch primary school at 7.30am, puts out the handmade breakfast club sign, the milk, boxes of Weet-Bix, bowls and cutlery, and makes everything ready and welcoming for the children who arrive from 8am. Betty is there in time to help supervise the eating and then... Read more

  • KickStart Breakfast Survey 

    We would like to say a big thank you to all the schools that took the time to complete our KickStart Breakfast Club questionnaire back in September / October. Your involvement is essential to develop the KickStart Breakfast programme further, set long term goals andensure that we are operating a breakfast programme that best meets the needs of the school communities.  We really appreciate your opinion and would like to share some of our findings with you. If you would like to talk with us f... Read more

  • Anchor Mega Milk-shake! 

    For children to learn how to eat healthy, breakfast club is a great way to get ideas so they can enjoy healthy and tasty breakfasts at home. Weet-Bix and Anchor Mega Milk provide lasting energy to take on the day, but there are also other healthy yummy breakfasts that children can enjoy especially on the weekend or a non-breakfast club morning. Another tasty and healthy option is Anchor Mega Milk in a nutritious banana smoothie! Ingredients (enough for one big smoothie) 250ml Anchor Mega Milk &f... Read more

  • The history of Milk and Weet-Bix 

    For over 100 years New Zealander’s have been enjoying the health benefits associated with drinking milk and eating wholegrains as their first meal of the day – a winning combination which is still benefiting kiwis today. At the turn of the century Sanitarium’s original wheat biscuit, Granose, was marketed as not only as  a breakfast cereal but also as an alternative to bread. It wasn’t until the 1920s that Sanitarium started making Weet-Bix as we know it today. Just ... Read more

  • Erin Simpson visits Panama Road School 

    Watch the video below and see the Erin Simpson Show at Panama Road School celebrating KickStart Breakfast serving it's 2 millionth breakfast and World Milk Day. To read more about the celebrations please click here or go to the News section of our website and select the article called KickStart Breakfast celebrates two millionth breakfast.... Read more

  • When to expect your product delivery 

    Fresh Milk We have informed your franchisee of the amount of fresh milk that your school requires and they will deliver this amount once a week directly to your school. UHT Milk If your school is receiving UHT milk please contact your milk franchisee as soon as possible. Their contact details can be found on your school online profile under supply and delivery. The franchisee is awaiting your call and will not be ordering your UHT milk unless you contact them first. Please also arrange a drop of... Read more

  • A warm welcome to our newest members 

    Welcome to the 56 new schools that have joined us for Term 3-2011. We would like to thank you all for completing the enrolment process and taking the time to put a breakfast club into action that we know your students will enjoy. Also a special welcome to the 50 schools that have joined us from the Red Cross Breakfast in schools programme. As many of you might be aware the Red Cross Breakfast in schools programme unfortunately came to a close at the end of Term 2-2011. The programme support... Read more

  • Hints and tips on providing more variety 

    The below article is a great example of how one of our KickStart Breakfast schools is taking real ownership of their breakfast club and providing more variety for their students. The story by Jill Cleave was run by the Hauraki Herald on 24 June 2011. Garage sale rewards to fill hungry tummies Waihi East School is the place to find garage sale bargains tomorrow and also to help children get their school day off to the proper start. The school is holding a garage sale, with the money raised going ... Read more

  • Cash for Clubs - Winner Announcement 

    Thank you to everyone who recently took part in our KickStart Breakfast “Cash for Clubs” competition.  We received a huge amount of applications with each and every one deserving to win the cash. The ideas generated on how the money was going to be spent on your KickStart Breakfast Clubs were incredible and ranged from purchasing fruit tree seedlings and preserving jars to water-coolers and kitchen appliances. Based on the uniqueness of your idea(s) and the benefits this will br... Read more

  • KickStart Breakfast celebrates two millionth breakfast 

    KickStart Breakfast the school breakfast programme, run by Fonterra and Sanitarium, has today celebrated serving its two millionth breakfast for Kiwi children on World Milk Day, 1 June 2011. To mark the occasion rookie chef and leading New Zealand rugby player, Richard Kahui, and popular children’s TV host, Erin Simpson, joined the kids of Auckland’s Panama Road School for a special celebration breakfast. The school was one of the founding KickStart Breakfast Clubs in the progra... Read more

  • Two millionth breakfast celebration 

    On the 20th June this year, just over two years since the programme’s inception, KickStart Breakfast will provide the two millionth breakfast! Help us celebrate and we will send you free KickStart Breakfast aprons! That’s two million times KickStart kids have felt happy, full and ready to start their school day. We all know the benefits of eating a healthy breakfast are significant.  You regularly tell us students love coming to breakfast club to chat with their friends, that so... Read more

  • Rise Up Christchurch Telethlon - Get yourself on the telly! 

    On Sunday May 22 2011 New Zealand welcomes back that grand tradition of fundraising, the telethlon.  The Rise Up Christchurch – Te Kotahitanga  Telethlon, proudly supported by Fonterra is raising funds to help out the people of Christchurch. With you, we can all make the event a nation-wide success – and have fun along the way.  Here’s what you can do: Run a cake stall, donate the proceeds Attend the Rise Up event nearest you Organise a party and collect a k... Read more

  • Break the fast 

    How often have you or the kids raced out of the house in the morning without time to eat breakfast? It’s easy to skip breakfast when you are short on time, but there are many reasons why we should take time to eat breakfast and ‘break the fast’ Here are some great tips to pass onto your breakfast club members You don’t have to eat as soon as you wake up. Often we don’t feel like eating as soon as we get up. Eating breakfast within an hour of waking is fine. Alternat... Read more

  • Contacting your Franchisee 

    Should you ever need to get in contact with your Franchisee simply go to, select your school name in the school login field and enter your password. Once logged in click on “Supply and Delivery”.  (If you don’t know your password either use the “forgot password” link located under the school login field or email [email protected] get a temporary password sent to you) Under the “Supply and Delivery” secti... Read more

  • Recipe: Weet-Bix Cookies 

    Makes 22  Ingredients  4 Sanitarium Weet-Bix, crushed  2/3 cup rolled oats  ¾ cup wholemeal plain flour  100g brown sugar  1/3 cup dark choc bits  2/3 cup dried apricots, diced  3 tablespoons reduced fat margarine  2 tablespoons golden syrup  1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda  ¼ cup boiling water   Method Mix together Weet-Bix, rolled oats, flour, sugar, choc bits and apricots until well combined.  Place margarine and go... Read more

  • KickStart Breakfast Survey 

    Thanks to those schools that completed the short online survey at the end of last year.  Your participation in these surveys allows us to tailor our communications to best suit your needs.   We enjoy your feedback and are delighted to know that 97% of those surveyed are extremely happy or very happy with the KickStart Breakfast programme. We thought that we would share some findings with you: KickStart Breakfast continues to be about more than simply providing breakfast to childre... Read more

  • Earthquake support 

    Our thoughts and prayers are with our KickStart Breakfast club members and all those who have been personally affected by the Christchurch earthquake tragedy. Both Fonterra and Sanitarium continue to work with the Civil Defence and other charitable organisations to ensure we are providing the right support to meet the needs of the local community. Fonterra tankers and a large milk train filled with water have worked in conjunction with City Care in Christchurch to ensure that watering stations a... Read more

  • Beatrice's new role 

    As you may already be aware, Beatrice Faumuina has taken the opportunity to become Chief Executive Officer for BEST Pasifika Leadership Academy and Foundation.  The foundation’s vision is to; educate and foster future Pasifika leaders of business and community life for Aotearoa. Unfortunately, due to time commitments within the new position Beatrice has had to relinquish her KickStart Ambassador role. The team at KickStart Breakfast are excited for Beatrice and can foresee the positiv... Read more

  • The importance of breakfast 

    We all know that a nutritious breakfast gives us a kick-start to our day.  This is especially true for our children who eat breakfast on a regular basis. Because children are so active throughout the day and also grow so quickly, they need to eat foods that are good sources of carbohydrates, fibre and proteins all of which can be found in the goodness of Anchor Mega milk and Weet-Bix. Children only have small tummies, so they need to eat highly nutritious meals and snacks to enable them to ... Read more

  • Champion Breakfast Visits 

    KickStart Ambassador Beatrice Faumuina has been having a wonderful time visiting schools and meeting all the passionate champions.  We would like to say a big thank you to Birdwood School breakfast club in Auckland, who took a creative approach when studying nutrition by sending Beatrice thank you food pyramids.  Thanks also to Kaitao Middle School in Rotorua who sent in this inspired note after a visit from our Beatrice; “Beatrice is committed to getting the message across about... Read more

  • KickStart Champion Breakfast’s 

    Our KickStart Breakfast Ambassador Beatrice Faumuina has been travelling around the country to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of KickStart Breakfast Club Champions. We asked you to tell us who your champions were and the stories we received were very special, all of whom are champions in our eyes. One of Beatrice’s latest visits this year was to Newfield Park School in Invercargill where together with the school they recognised Keith (Breakfast Club Co-ordinator) and Nikita (Student H... Read more

  • Dairy protein for kids 

    Protein is essential for growth, so it is a very important nutrient for growing children. Protein can be found in most foods, but the best sources are meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, pulses (like lentils and dried beans), nuts and seeds. Protein from the diet is broken down during digestion into things called peptides and amino acids. These are used by the body as building blocks for growing and maintaining all tissues - such as muscle, skin, internal organs, tendons, bones and hair. ... Read more

  • Weet-Bix Tryathlon 

    Ever thought of getting your students involved in the Weet-Bix Tryathlon? Well, with the help of the Weet-Bix Tryathlon Foundation we can help you get your students to the start line by subsidising entry fees or by helping provide necessary equipment. Set up in 2007 by Sanitarium staff, the Foundation gives kiwi children the opportunity to take part in and experience the Weet-Bix Tryathlon –  an event that provides Kiwi kids with a long-lasting experience of achievement and success. F... Read more

  • Sharing your story with the community 

    Sharing your KickStart Breakfast story with the local community is a great way to pay homage to the children that are excelling and the dedicated people that run your club.  Plus it helps to raise the profile of the school and the local paper love these kinds of stories.  We’ve put together a quick guide for you. Before you call the media Check to see if you need to permission from parents to publish names and pictures. Decide who your spokesperson will be. It is always good for ... Read more

  • Fonterra Innovation Award Winners 

    Your Fonterra KickStart Breakfast Team has won the ‘Best New Sustainability Initiative’ category of the prestigious ‘This is Fonterra’ awards! Up against other top Fonterra initiatives the inaugural awards celebrate and recognise success. The judges including CEO Andrew Ferrier were particularly impressed by KickStart Breakfast’s community partnership model. Where Fonterra and Sanitarium provide the food and the school communities deliver this to the students.... Read more

  • Cultural Exchange at Lincoln Heights 

    KickStart Breakfast School Lincoln Heights hosted a cultural exchange with representatives from the Soong Ching Ling Foundation recently. Representatives including Vice President Zhang Wenkang were greeted by the children with a traditional maori performance consisting of a Karanga (Maori greeting) and Haka as well as a song about the school. The Foundation members then sat with the children at the breakfast tables and experienced a nutritious breakfast of Weet-Bix and Anchor Mega Milk whilst ta... Read more

  • Breakfast with a twist 

    KickStart Breakfast club attendees at Putaruru Primary had a very special first day of term last week with Fonterra Chairman Sir Henry Van de Heyden and Breakfast Ambassador Beatrice Faumuina coming for breakfast. After sitting down with the 40 students and enjoying KickStart Breakfast’s of Anchor Mega Milk and Weet-Bix, Beatrice addressed the students about the benefits of getting a good start to the day, and Sir Henry acknowledged and thanked the dedicated volunteers, calling for a round... Read more

  • Beatrice impressed by Miramar South School 

    KickStart Breakfast at Miramar South Primary School Wellington is a well run club, packed full of bright young students sharing their latest school holiday adventures over a nutritious breakfast. Set up and run by a group of dedicated teachers, the club is also supported by student leaders who with the help of a teacher have formed 'The Health Squad'. Principal Jeanette De La Mare is proud of the young students who regularly get together to discus opportunities to improve their school en... Read more

  • Student helpers lend a helping hand 

    The student helpers at May Road Primary raced into their KickStart breakfast club, threw down their bags and started to help Breakfast Club Co-ordinator Christine Morey set up the tables. The students come in early most mornings to get things set up in preparation for their fellow students who arrive later as part of the walking school bus. Parents, teachers and students alike were delighted to meet Beatrice and have their breakfasts served up by a gold medal winning athlete. Beatrice or ‘... Read more

  • TV Ad Winners 

    Earlier this year the KickStart Breakfast team challenged all KickStart schools across New Zealand to make a TV advertisement, the winners have been announced and the prizes presented much to the delight of the students and the schools. The KickStart team, supported by Mega Bull, visited both schools to present in the prizes in front of the whole school assembly, the school receiving a Sony Handicam and digital camera, $600 of supermarket vouchers for the breakfast club, iPods and goodie bags fo... Read more

  • Selwyn College Make a TV Advertisement Winner

    The KickStart Breakfast team recently visited Auckland’s Selwyn College to present prizes to the winners of the Make a TV Ad competition, in front of the entire school assembly of 700 students. With Mega Bull perched on stage with the KickStart Breakfast team behind him, School Principal Sheryll Ofner congratulated the winners on taking out the nation-wide competition. Media Studies teacher Lawrence Mikkelsen, who supervised the Making a TV Ad competition, said he was proud of the four stu... Read more

  • KickStart Breakfast Ambassador Beatrice Faumuina 

    Beatrice’s new role was announced on Wednesday 25th November at her old school Wesley Intermediate in Auckland’s Mount Roskill, where Fonterra CEO Andrew Ferrier and Sanitarium General Manager Pierre van Heerden welcomed her to the programme. Beatrice is looking forward to engaging with the students and talking about the benefits of eating a nutritious breakfast “KickStart Breakfast is about looking after the next generation of Kiwi’s – teaching them about nutrition... Read more

  • KickStart Breakfast takes home another top award 

    KickStart Breakfast has just won a leading New Zealand sustainability award, topping off a great first year for the programme. Fairfax Media Business Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers created the Sustainable 60 awards to recognise organisations making progress on sustainability. KickStart Breakfast won the Community category that highlights initiatives that make a positive difference in society. KickStart Breakfast Team Leaders, Kate and Mark say it is fantastic that the programme has received th... Read more

  • 300th School signs up to KickStart Breakfast 

    Leading food companies Fonterra and Sanitarium today welcomed the 300th school into the KickStart Breakfast programme, their innovative partnership with schools and communities to ensure more New Zealand children get a healthy start to the school day with a nutritious breakfast. The 300th school to join the programme is Lincoln Heights School in Massey, Waitakere which marked the milestone with a special breakfast for the 40 young students in its Wednesday breakfast club with Fonterra Special Ad... Read more

  • Winners of the Un-forget-a-Bull breakfast! 

    Congratulations Southern Cross Campus - Winners of the Un-forget-a-Bull breakfast! As the winners of KickStart Breakfast’s first nationwide competition, Southern Cross Campus school in South Auckland enjoyed a guest appearance from Anchor Mega Bull for an extra special breakfast club, thanks to their winning breakfast club photos. Fonterra’s KickStart Breakfast schools were invited to send in their best breakfast club photos for the chance to have Mega Bull visit their club for break... Read more

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