Frequently Asked Questions

What is KickStart Breakfast?
A national New Zealand breakfast in schools programme providing nutritious breakfasts of Weet-Bix and Anchor Milk to school breakfast clubs supporting those students that need it most.

When did KickStart Breakfast begin?
Fonterra partnered with Sanitarium in 2009 to create KickStart Breakfast.  The partners started supplying schools with Milk and Weet-Bix  in Term 1 2009.  

Why did KickStart Breakfast start?
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is often missed due to busy families and commitments.  Research shows that almost one-fifth of children aged 5-14 years did not regularly eat or drink at home before leaving for school (2002 National Children’s Nutrition Survey). Similarly, the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey estimated that 55,000 children (7.4%) had not eaten breakfast at home on at least five days in the previous week.
What is the Government contribution?
In May 2013 the Government announced a partnership with Fonterra and Sanitarium to expand the programme offering from two to five days a week and to gradually roll out to all higher decile schools that want and need the programme.

How is the programme operated?
KickStart Breakfast is based on a community partnership model. With support from the Government, Fonterra and Sanitarium deliver product to the schools for the breakfast club.  The local school community is then responsible for supplying bowls, spoons, tables, chairs, the location and people to run the club.  

How do schools currently manage to provide their own bowls, spoons etc?
Schools find support in their local communities. We encourage people that want to lend a hand to get in touch with their local school to see if they need any support with their KickStart Breakfast club.

Who is eligible to join?
From Term 1 2014, all decile 1 – 10 primary, intermediate and secondary schools are eligible for KickStart Breakfast.

How many schools are currently involved in the programme?
There are currently over 1,000 schools participating in KickStart Breakfast.

Where are these schools located?
Throughout the country, from the Far North, right down to Southland.

How many children currently take part in KickStart Breakfast?
More than 30,000 children currently benefit from KickStart Breakfast.

How do schools sign up to the programme?
The programme is run through the KickStart Breakfast website – this is where schools sign up.  They maintain a school account which coordinates product quantities and deliveries.

Why are you supplying UHT milk instead of fresh?
We are supplying Anchor Lite 1 litre milk to all schools to make it possible to cater for additional days  and to make storage of milk easier for schools to manage.


What about the waste?
Schools will be asked to empty and collect used milk packaging, which we will then collect from the schools and recycle. All other paper and cardboard recycling can be placed in the schools normal recycling collection.

Are you recycling the packaging in New Zealand?
Once we collect the used packaging from schools we bring it back to one of our recycling centres to be baled. It is then sent to Thailand or Malaysia to complete the recycling process, turning the milk packs into items like roof tiles and school books.
There are currently no facilities in New Zealand that have the ability to recycle this type of packaging, making the facilities in Thailand and Malaysia the closest and most eco-efficient. To see how the empty milk packs get recycled and turned into things like roof tiles, books and paper please watch the Tetra Pak Recycling video here.

Key Partners:
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