More than just Weet-Bix and Milk

KickStart Breakfast launched in 2009 when Fonterra and Sanitarium partnered to provide free Anchor milk and Sanitarium Weet-Bix to Kiwi kids twice a week to decile 1-4 schools. The New Zealand Government joined the partnership in 2013, allowing the programme to extend to five days a week, across all New Zealand schools and deciles.

KickStart Breakfast currently provides free breakfast to over 30,000 children each school day in over 1000 schools, helping more tamariki achieve their best by getting a kickstart to their day.

Fonterra and Sanitarium provide the product. Then it's up to the school community to provide provisions including bowls, spoons, a central location, food storage facilities and of course the people to run the breakfast club. The ‘community partnership’ model is an effective one, as by focusing on the critical aspect of food rather than logistics, KickStart is able to provide a breakfast offering to as many schools who choose to take part.

Schools say KickStart Breakfast clubs are not only helping children nutritionally but is also making a positive impact on learning behaviour. In school research shows;

  • Children are happier, have more energy and are able to concentrate longer
  • Children are no longer eating junk food at morning tea
  • The club provides a great environment for children to socialise together
  • The older children are taking on responsibility and looking after the younger ones

* Every state school in New Zealand is given a decile from 1-10 by the Ministry of Education. 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest.

Key Partners:
Sanitarium Fonterra MoD